Friday, October 16, 2015

Book: A Commentary on the Manuscripts and Text of the New Testament


Book Review: A Commentary on the Manuscripts and Text of the New Testament by Philip Wesley Comfort

 Needless to say, this is not a book for the average believer. But it is a book pastors and Bible teachers that care about every word in the Bible should read. With Bart Ehrman and other skeptics attacking the trustworthiness of the New Testament, the time has come for Christian leaders to become well informed and conversant with issues of text criticism. This book, while not answering Ehrman’s twisted logic, does help us understand the different types of manuscripts the scholars work from. It would also help those that revere the KJV to understand why other translations, while not being liberal (ESV, NET, for instance), have some verses that read differently. The book helps clear up the “missing verses” misunderstanding so common in popular Bible translation wars.

The book includes information on the Early Manuscripts, and a helpful Annotated List of the Manuscripts of the New Testament. The book also has a very helpful and informative Appendix on The Significance of the Nomina Sacra (Sacred Name) and the way it (in its various incarnations) appears in New Testament Greek manuscripts.

Highly recommended resource.

4/5 Stars

Disclosure: The book was received for free from Kregel Academic & Ministry review program. The program does not require a positive review, only a truthful one.