Thursday, March 28, 2013

Book Review: Charts on the Book of Hebrews

Book Review: Charts on the Book of Hebrews by Herbert W. Bateman IV

I have to disclose that I am a fan of the Kregel Charts of the Bible series and this one did not disappoint. Bateman has managed to pack a whole lot of information and the amount of investigation he did seems massive.

Do I disagree with some of Bateman’s views in the book?  Definitely. Read everything with discernment. And, of course, there’s always the danger of letting an author do all the thinking for you. Avoid the temptation to adopt new and creative positions immediately. Let the theology marinate in you for a while before committing to a position.

Anyone doing research on the Book of Hebrews would not only save a lot of time by using this resource, but cannot expect thoroughness in his understanding of the epistle without availing himself of this book.

Disclosure: The book was received for free from Kregel Academic & Ministry book review program. The program does not require a positive review, only a truthful one.